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Sonia gained a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art at Staffordshire University, followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton University, gaining the highest grade of Honours. Sonia was offered MA Fine Art places at Edinburgh and Central Schools of Art, London. She decided though to move in the direction of Art Education, and had a very successful career, achieving Head of Art in Oxfordshire.

Since leaving teaching a few years ago to follow her heart and concentrate full-time on painting, Sonia is now exhibiting regularly throughout the UK.  About her work -  'I love the initial spark and excitement of selecting colours on starting a painting. Mark making and textures are often inspired by aged and worn surfaces, peeling paint, layers of old wallpaper. There is a feeling of time, which develops in my work to a building up and scraping back of paint. It is reminiscent of the many places I have lived in, especially as a child. A certain 'settling in' takes place, often revealing previous marks and colours.