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David was born in Africa and spent his earlier years in Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia. He eventually moved to Scotland where he has spent his adult life. David first graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in the mid seventies and has since completed a Masters Degree at ECA\ Heriot Watt University.
He lectured for many years in the Design School of Napier University and now runs painting workshops in various locations for the Department of Academic Development, Napier University.He has received national recognition for his work by winning the Times Higher Award for 2007.

Having travelled abroad extensively during his professional career much of his painting has been inspired by the landscape and coastline of remote places, particularly those of Scotland and South Africa. As a student, oil was his favoured medium, but many of his later landscapes were executed in watercolour. More recently much of his work has been carried out in acrylic and mixed media.

David's painting clearly suggests an intimate association with the outdoor environment. Recent paintings combine bold applications of opaque colour and subtle, translucent overlays with expressive and ( at times ) abstract subject matter. This has resulted in fresh, vibrant work with the essential element of recognisable yet intriguing imagery.

The research for most of his recent work embraces the landscape and rugged coastline of Scotland and has substantially influenced both content and style. His interpretation and execution of each painting reflects powerfully experienced emotions and a unique personal vision