Born in London, Ann Oram RSW trained at Edinburgh College of Art, going on to complete a a post-graduate year and study in France and Italy courtesy of the Andrew Grant Scholarship. She returned to ECA as a lecturer while also travelling and honing her style before focusing fully on her Fine Art career. Ann continues to live and work in Scotland. In the sections below, Ann talks us through her latest collection of paintings, but first she gives us a quick video tour of her studio!



Ann now talks us through the paintings:

‘The paintings I am showing at Morningside Gallery just now are a celebration of flowers and gardens. I love the profusion of colour and all the wonderful  plants that we grow here in our gardens. This painting of Dahlias come from our local flower farm. Paula at Millpond Flower Farm walks round with me, with a large bucket and scissors. We choose the flowers and she always has suggestions about what I might include in the bunch. Dahlias are one of my top favourites. Late summer, they come steaming in with such an array of warm and hot colours, or acidic yellows, they make a fantastic subject to paint. I know it signals cooler days ahead, and perhaps we might be thinking of lighting a fire in the evening. But they are full of cheer and energy’.



‘This Andalusian Courtyard is quite different. Normally, the buildings (pueblos blancos) in the towns and villages are whitewashed. This courtyard was at a friend’s house in southern Spain. I loved the orange trees against the most beautiful blues. What a combination!  I wandered round with a glass of very good Spanish wine in my hand, and soaked up the atmosphere. It takes me back to many happy times travelling and painting in that country’.



‘Again, my favourite Dahlias are being painted in a Masons Ironstone Jug. I have an addiction to collecting these jugs and I’m always on the hunt for more!! The pattern is predominantly green which I thought made a good contrast to the bright lively bunch it contains. It’s just a pop of colour!’



‘This little painting is all about Autumn. Misty mornings, pumpkins and gourds; a handful of dahlias and berries complete the painting. It sings out September and October in the calendar. A favourite time of year for me as I think there is so much rich colour around’.



You can view the full collection on our website here