View some highlights from our collection this April, including new arrivals from Gordon WilsonJudith BridglandJohn BrentonRaquel Alverez Sardina and Andy Heald.

Judith Bridgland and Andy Heald celebrate our local East Lothian coastline through their bold colours and energetic textures, which feel as refreshing as a day on the beach. John Brenton also takes a trip to the coast with his tranquil seascapes. His soft natural palette and gentle impasto evoke the calm of a evening stroll along the sand.

Raquel Alverez Sardina‘s beautifully executed, luminous still lifes also inspire a sense of calm. Her fruit studies glow softly from within as they emerge from the dark beyond and the viewer can lose themselves in the intricate details of her subjects. The trademark motifs of Gordon Wilson are unmistakable in his stylised landscapes, which portray a Scotland full of joyful patterns and distinctive characters (more of them in his Small Paintings!). We hope there is something for everyone to enjoy in these highlight of our collection this April.