Alison McWhirter

About Alison

A Scottish artist based in Glasgow, Alison McWhirter attended Bath Academy where she graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 1998 and a Postgraduate MA in Visual Culture in 2000. After a period in publishing and teaching art, she returned to Scotland and to full time painting. Alison exhibits widely throughout the UK and she has enjoyed a number of sell out shows at International Art Fairs in recent years. Her first solo show in London in 2016 was a great success and she is frequently named by newspapers and magazines as a Scottish artist to watch.

Alison's paintings are recognised easily; they display great spontaneity in terms of both colour choice and application of paint. Alison works with both brushes and palette knives to create painted surfaces that are rich and intense with texture and colour. Her subject matter is often flowers, painted with love and attention in their varying stages of life. Her response to her subject matter is instinctive and the end result is a series of paintings that feel poetic and symbolic. There is beauty even in the dying leaves. Dr Colin Bailey has written about Alison's paintings, noting that despite their being very contemporary paintings they continue the Seventeenth Century Netherland vanitas symbolism in which flower paintings were used to remind us of our vulnerability and the transient nature of beauty. Other flower paintings speak of optimism and of growth, as the stems of tulips seem to reach up, unstoppable. There is strength in the simplicity of her bold forms, as she pares her subjects down to their essential elements through her confident sweeps of colour.