Allison Young

About Allison

Originally from Stirling, Allison attended Edinburgh College of Art before spending a year at Lodz School of Art in Poland. She currently works and resides in Edinburgh, frequently travelling to the Tiree and East Lothian to sketch and gather reference material.

Sand and sea surrounded by vast, shifting skies are Allison’s main inspiration, and she is interested in the interplay of light upon everything from a changing tide to marram grass gently swaying on nearby dunes. Allison seeks to communicate her appreciation for the understated wonder of the Scottish shoreline.

Working in both oil and acrylic on canvas, Allison has a variety of methods in her process, from quick, thick brushstrokes that are suddenly transformed into a fast tide crashing upon the shore to delicate thin applications of paint that mimic the wisps of cloud scattered across the reddening sky at dawn.