Ann Oram

About Ann

Born in London, Ann trained at Edinburgh College of Art, going on to complete a a post-graduate year and study in France and Italy courtesy of the Andrew Grant Scholarship. She returned to ECA as a lecturer while also travelling and honing her style before focusing fully on her Fine Art career. She continues to live and work in Scotland.

The work of Scottish and French masters such as McTaggart and Monet were early influences in Ann’s artistic development with her broad tastes ranging beyond this to modern painters such as Zao Wui Ki and Peter Doig. Travel has also continued to inform Ann’s work for a number of years, having seen the changing of seasons across multiple landscapes in the UK and mainland Europe, an intuitive approach to colour and light continues to be an evocative, guiding force in Ann’s work.

Having experienced a very traditional approach to painting during her studies, Ann forced herself to, in a sense, unlearn certain techniques and as a result has developed a unique approach to mixed media painting. Working on various surfaces, Ann applies watercolour, oil, acrylics and whatever else is needed to capture the energy of a particular scene. This bold and almost omnivorous approach to media, surface and even subject matter ensures that the strong foundations of her approach to composition are enlivened with an incredibly vital, experimental edge.