Brian Henderson

About Brian

While studying at Edinburgh College of Art in the seventies, the prevailing fashion was Abstract Expressionism. For Brian however, realism was and continues to be far more appealing. His method is incredibly meticulous, from the selection of objects for each tableau to the tiny brushes he uses. It is a lengthy process which necessitates the quick-drying properties of acrylic paint. From the darkest tones to the lightest, he crosshatches very thin layers, maintaining a unique control over the colours and textures. This results in paintings that have a rare ability to leave viewers in awe of the skill involved yet also charmed and amused by Brian's willingness to juxtapose everything from crystal to kitsch. 

Light is a key facet of Brian’s work and it has proven to be a constant source of inspiration throughout his development as an artist. The way light reacts with different surfaces is endlessly fascinating; whether an object is plastic, glass or porcelain, it is given the same level of attention as Brian seeks to understand the properties of light in the context of a particular composition.