Carolyn Genders

About Carolyn

Based in the South Coast of England, Carolyn has been working professionally as an artist for over thirty five years. She has written two books on ceramic practices and has work held in private and public collections all over the world.

Carolyn states that her work comes from a place of looking and seeing, the interplay of gesture, colour and texture in the constantly evolving patterns of her surroundings. Her inspiration is internal, a conscious and analytical series of responses to an ever expanding catalogue of understanding.

Beginning by roughing out the shape, Carolyn builds her pieces quickly, with large, flat coils of clay. Once the form is decided she begins applying layers of vitreous slip to its surfaces. She then moves on to the mark-making process, using a variety of unique tools that range from brushes to cooking utensils and even seashells. The piece is then fired and although the result is always close to what was anticipated, she remains constantly excited by the possibility of the unexpected.