Chris Forsey

About Chris

After studying Art and Graphics in Bristol, Surrey based Chris went on to have a successful career as an illustrator, a career which has shaped his approach to the expressive work he produces today.

Specialising in landscape painting, Chris is fascinated by the existence of man-made structures in rugged, organic locations as well as the way fleeting changes in light and weather can affect the mood of the scene before him.

With a mixed media approach, Chris believes in getting to know the painting subject through sketching and keen observation of the subject, and carefully exploring composition and colour. Chris then works quickly and expressively back in the studio on the finished work. He uses a variety of tools including broad flat brushes, sticks, rollers and fingers, on canvas, board and paper, enjoying the serendipitous and accidental mark making process encouraged by his choice of tools. This approach ensures that his work rarely looks anything other than spontaneous, expressive, lively and exciting.