Christine Clark

About Christine

Christine Clark grew up in the Highland town of Fort William before completing a degree at Edinburgh College of Art in 2006. She now paints full time, loving the challenge of discovering something new each day. Christine’s paintings depict imagined landscapes and narratives which transport us to unknown lands, conveying moments of solitude, love, hope, beauty and loss. She feels her way into a painting by sketching out ideas or fleeting thoughts, initially documenting images, poems and musical compositions with which she feels a connection. 

Having experimented with a wide range of materials, Christine favours oil as a medium for its fluidity, vibrancy and exuberance. In the past she has tended towards the linear and direct, using dense imagery, drawings and symbolism. More recently, her approach has become increasingly painterly, demonstrating confident, loose brush strokes. Christine particularly enjoys the immediacy of an emotive response to colour, which can create a powerful sense of wonder. 

Christine's use of raw pigments, along with the blue hues that frequently infuse her work, are inspired by a visit to Chefchaouen in North West Morocco, known for its blue washed walls. Trinkets collected on such journeys also find their way into her paintings, reflecting a passion for travel and exploration.