David Deamer

About David

David Deamer spent his childhood on the Isle of Skye, and returned to live and paint there in 2017. His early work was executed in pencil, with precise, photographic detail but more recently has taken inspiration from the expressive, lively oils of artists including Edward Seago, Trevor Chamberlain and David Curtis.


As David predominantly works plein air, he favours oils for both practical (the ability to withstand  West Coast rain) and aesthetic reasons. He enjoys the sculptural finish the medium brings to his work. He finds there is no substitute for working from life and being out in the landscape; working from photography as a landscape artist is no replacement for immersing oneself in the subject.


David’s selection of his subject is intuitive and he never plans ahead what he will paint. Instead he enjoys the unplanned spontaneity, and allowing the scenery and a strong desire to communicate light effects that most would not notice to inform him. His aim is to capture the essence of a scene in an effort to place the viewer there with him.