Dawn Hajittofi

About Dawn

Since discovering a love for ceramics in her teens, Dawn always planned to work with clay and become a maker. Although life ultimately took her on a different path, she decided in later years to pursue her original passion and became a full time maker in 2019. She currently lives and works in Surrey.

Dawn takes her inspiration from the unpredictable and unexpected nature of life’s events and aims to convey the possibilities of hope and transformation.

Each of her pieces is thrown in earthenware and decorated with abstract marks using a combination of slips, underglazes and oxides. partially glazed and fired several times, Dawn also adds gilt to the surface, referencing the anciant Japanese art of ‘Kintsugi’ in which a treasured ceramic, if broken, can be repaired using gold. She considers this to be a metaphor for our own lives - a reminder to stay hopeful when things fall apart and celebrate what we learn from our flaws and missteps.