Dina Campbell

About Dina

Originally from the Isle of Lewis, Dina moved to Edinburgh in order to study at the city’s College of Art, graduating in Drawing and Painting. In addition to creating her own work, she has been involved in the promotion of Art in Healthcare, working on multiple projects in collaboration with the NHS. She currently lives and works from her home in Perthshire. 

Dina believes painting is an essential and intensely personal form of communication that allows her to respond to life’s uncertainties and ambiguities. She takes her inspiration from the idea that beauty is not always balanced, harmonious or even comfortable.

Working in acrylic allows Dina to make decisive marks upon the canvas. She considers the main characteristics of her work to be vibrant colours brought to life with an energetic, fluid line. This loose, almost effortless style is indicative of her freedom as an artist. Her compositions exist not as pieces of representational information but more as an invitation to encounter and engage with something new.