Erni Upton

About Erni

Born in Ayrshire in the mid-thirties, Erni trained at Glasgow School of Art before moving into a successful career in banking. He later returned to the field of Art and Design in the mid-eighties when he worked on a variety of commissions for private and corporate clients while also founding an interior design company. In the late nineties, Erni sold his company and began devoting his attention to painting full time.

Erni has been a lifelong admirer of the works of the Scottish Colourists and as a result began spending a great deal of time on the West Coast of Scotland, studying the wonderful light and the unique palette it inspires.

Working in oils, Erni uses a combination of brush and knife to manipulate the paint on the surface of his canvas. Using this technique allows him to create a tangible sense of depth in his compositions, where the rough tactile textures of rock and sand merge into the choppy waters before dissolving into distant isles on the horizon.