Gary Morrow

About Gary

A primarily self taught artist from Glasgow, Gary worked at Strathclyde University for over a decade before deciding to pursue painting full time. He currently resides in County Wexford, Ireland.

Employing a studious yet sincere approach in depicting everything from the natural world to still life paintings that bring to mind the works of the Old Masters, Gary delicately weaves his appreciation of the the everyday into his work, highlighting the moments, objects and even creatures we perhaps take for granted, imbuing them all with a candid sense of joy. Seeing these sentiments shared in turn by lovers of his work is something he considers one of the most rewarding aspects of his career.

Gary utilises the vibrancy and versatility of oil paint as a key component in his process, particularly in his approach to still life painting, which he likens to the act of solving a puzzle, specifically breaking down how light works, how it reflects and refracts on various surfaces, acting as a unifying melody in the harmony between objects and their surroundings.