Halima Washington-Dixon

About Halima

Originally from California, Halima studied Visual Arts and Art History at Occidental College and went on to complete a master's in Painting and Drawing from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Later moving to Suffolk, where she continues to live and work, she has been painting professionally since 2006.

On a continued search for a sense of place and nostalgia, Halima paints a variety of subjects. In recent years she has been drawn more towards floral still lifes. Using garden flowers, decorative vases, patterned cloth and aesthetically pleasing fruit as her inspiration she aims to capture essence of feeling at home.

Working in oil allows Halima to reflect her feelings toward any particular subject matter, from thickly applied strokes to achieving a vibrant transparency, the depth of colour is what makes this particular medium so special to her. Maintaining a balance between technical precision and a looser impasto style ensures that she can approach each piece with a liberated mindset, often bringing these scenes and set-ups to life in a single sitting so they remain fresh and immediate.