Harry Holland

About Harry

Harry was born in Glasgow in 1941. He moved to various parts of the UK throughout his childhood before eventually settling in London, where he studied at St. Martin’s School of Art. Currently based in Wales, Harry’s work has been met with commercial and critical acclaim over the years and his work is held in a multitude of public and private global collections including the Tate Gallery in London, the National Portrait Gallery in Canada and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

With a great love and respect for the traditional foundations of fine art painting, Harry imbues his work with a subtle narrative aspect. His paintings are suggestive in the sense that they imply situations, events or relationships that are not directly expressed, weaving within them an even greater sense of mystery.

Harry works in oil on multiple canvases simultaneously, sometimes having worked on a single piece over a number of years before considering it to be anything close to a finished piece. This method of not only constructing a painting but also living with and getting to know all of its quirks and individualities over time ensures that each of Harry’s works is crafted with a meticulous, affectionate eye and a formidable level of technical artistry.