Jackie Henderson

About Jackie

Jackie graduated with BA(hons) in Contemporary Art Practice in Glasgow. Art has always formed a large part of her personal and professional life, having worked in a variety of sectors including children’s book illustration and art therapy. She is currently based in Glasgow, where alongside her artistic projects, she continues to work in the therapeutic arts sector. 

Rural life in Scotland has informed a great deal of Jackie’s work, and she considers many of her paintings to have an autobiographical element, with her environment being a constant source of inspiration. Translating daily observations into quirky scenes allows her to explore the notion of appreciating and living in the moment.

Working in acrylics, Jackie builds up layers of colour, collage and glazes which are rubbed back to reveal previous layers, a subtle implication that what lies beneath is equally as important as what is immediately visible on the surface. Jackie hopes her work connects with viewers and encourages them to always value the people and places they hold dear.