Jean Feeney

About Jean

Originally from York, Jean moved to Scotland in the Nineties and it has been her artistic homeland ever since. She currently lives and works in the heart of the Perthshire Highlands.

A visit to Ardnamurchan and the West Coast in 1990 proved to be a key moment in Jean’s life. Falling in love with the light, landscape and colours she saw all around her played a part in her eventual decision to move North of the Border. She continues to be inspired by these remote locations, where people have made their homes and attempted to tame the landscape around them.

It is the colour and spirit of these places that ultimately inform her compositions when it comes to putting paint to canvas. She has stated that through her process each piece takes on its own reality as it progresses, with the lustre of the oils and the textured, sculptural aspect of their application creating a reverberation of one colour with another. The result is a joyous celebration of a specific time and place, with Jean’s greatest wish being that she can share this feeling with others as they view her work.