Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW

About Jennifer

Jennifer Irvine RGI RGW studied at Glasgow School of Art in the mid-seventies before moving into a career in teaching. She began painting full time in 1990 and has since won awards including The David Cargill Award, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Award and The Sir William Gillies Award.

Inspired by her trips to France, Spain and Italy, Jennifer has a great interest in depicting the nuances of light and shade. She draws on the way sunlight interacts with its surroundings; considering how it falls on the ornate facade of a building in Provence, and the way it reflects on the sparkling surface of a Venetian waterway.

Beginning with a loose, expressive underdrawing, Jennifer uses brushes and palette knives to block in elements of the composition, building up layers of vibrant colour and tone that retain an uncanny realism and palpable sense of place.