Joe Hargan

About Joe

Born in 1952 in Glasgow, Joe studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art from 1970 – 74 under Danny Ferguson RSW. RGI., James Robertson RSW.RGI.RSA.PAI. and Dr David Donaldson RSA. RGI. D.LITT (Queen’s Limner). A well recognised and respected figure on the Scottish art scene, Joe was President and Chairman of the Paisley Art Institute from1989 - 2000 and he has been President of the Glasgow Art Club since 2018. He is the recipient of numerous awards. 

Joe is a master of colour and tongue in cheek humour. His paintings are not only finely executed; they offer humorous and sometimes surreal vignettes of the good life, featuring Sniffy and various other characters within striking gallery and stately home settings. Recurring symbols and metaphors abound within the paintings, and one is often treated to a painting within a painting, an old master within a new master.

Joe has a real thirst for knowledge and he values learning as a life long pleasure rather than a school bound necessity. He lives and breathes art history, and within a single painting one can find references to Velazquez and Damian Hirst sitting side by side, alongside symbols of the good life (wine), learning (books), and contemporary culture (the burger). He juxtaposes apparently opposing forces within single paintings: contemporary art and the art of the old masters, 'high' culture and 'low' culture, and more recently the political positions of Leave and Remain, symbolised by the flags of the Union Jack and the European Union.

Click here for a short film of  Joe talking about his work