Karen Stamper

About Karen

Born and raised in East Yorkshire, Karen attended Bradford Art School where experimenting with various media and a diverse range of techniques led her to develop the distinctive style she is known for today.

Karen’s work consists of bold colours with strong architectural shapes and patterns. She takes her inspiration from things she sees on her travels both at home and abroad, and she is always enamoured with the surfaces - both man made and natural - that have been exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. 

Starting with ideas from her sketchbook, Karen works on her canvases with an improvisational approach, seeking to simplify and flatten spaces. Working to both conceal and reveal, Karen deliberately avoids representational clarity to create vibrant, textured compositions. Her underlying adherence to structure and form ensure that although there is a strong abstract element there are always recognisable elements which remain, and which draw the eye in and play on the viewer’s imagination.