Karol Turski

About Karol

Born in Luków, Poland, Karol trained at the State College of Fine Arts and has since gone on to a successful career as a fine art painter, exhibiting his work in individual and group shows around Europe and North America. He currently lives and works in Lódz, Poland.

Considering himself a realist painter first and foremost, observation is of the utmost importance. Form and light also play a significant role in his compositions and once these things have revealed themselves he is free to add an expressive touch to his work while retaining the realist underpinnings.

Although Karol’s work is reminiscent of still lifes by the old masters, he also experiments with various media and techniques such as chalk pastels and watercolour to add greater depth to his canvases. There is a technical skill on display that conveys the impression of an artist confident in his abilities and enjoying the process of creating these precise compositions with a somewhat playful approach to media and colour.