Kirsty Lorenz

About Kirsty

Kirsty Lorenz studied Art and Art History at Goldsmith’s College in London and she now works from her unusual studio setting on Platform 2, Ladybank Railway Station, Fife. A functioning station on the Edinburgh to Dundee line, it was renovated by Kirsty in 2009 from the old station restaurant into an artist’s studio. 

Flowers have been a central subject in Kirsty’s work since 2003 and she depicts them in different ways through painting, drawing, mixed media and installation works. Her ‘Votive Offerings’ is a series of portrayals of wildflower posies Kirsty has made and left around Scotland and further afield. The work explores the motif of the posy as a gift, prayer or message; as flower posies they are ephemeral and quickly wilt and dry out, but their portrayal in paint renders them more permanent. 

Kirsty’s paintings often include handwritten lines of poetry from Norman McCaig and Kathleen Raine, lines chosen to reflect the sense of place and nature where the posies were made and left, and the memories and feelings evoked by the flowers themselves.