Marion Drummond PAI

About Marion

Glasgow born artist Marion has been working as a professional fine art painter for almost thirty years. Marion’s inimitable style has established her as one of Scotland's most recognisable and sought after artists and she was recently awarded PAI (Paisley Art Institute). She currently lives and works from her home in Stirlingshire.

Taking her inspiration from the folds in petals or fabric to the translucent shimmer of a water filled vase, Marion dynamically captures the moment and portrays it with a level of passion and urgency. She completely immerses herself in the visceral act of painting.

Using Oil paint without the aid of traditional tools such as brushes or palette knives allows Marion to move the paint around on the canvas with her fingers and rags giving her the ability to almost sculpt and rework a piece until she is satisfied with it, a process which can take months and even years. Through a literal transfer of human warmth and energy onto the painted surface, Marion achieves a dynamism in her work that continues to endear and astound.