Midori Takaki

About Midori

Canterbury based ceramicist Midori was born and raised in Japan, and she later moved to Kent where she completed a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology. She subsequently attained a postgraduate certificate in Ceramics and Fine and Applied Art at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Ever since childhood Midori has felt that the line between the real and imaginary was somewhat blurred, seeing sparks of beauty in the real world that can feed into imagined worlds and vice versa. Being able to physically represent these abstract thoughts and concepts in  three dimensions and share them with others gives her a great deal of satisfaction.

Working without any preliminary sketching Midori immediately sets to work on giving a physical form to her memories, emotions and thoughts, filtering them through the ethereal dreamscapes of her imagination. Almost always, she begins with creating a face, attempting to find out who these characters are, waiting for them to speak to her, the ones who have nothing more to say after a certain point simply remain busts or masks, however if others begin to engage in this imaginary dialogue, she will add bodies and other adornments.