Moyra Stewart

About Moyra

Born in Edinburgh, Moyra studied at Stoke-on-Trent and Edinburgh College of Art before moving to Canada for seventeen years, developing a community pottery facility where she taught ceramics.
Returning to Scotland in the late nineties, she co-founded an arts co-operative and continued to teach pottery. She currently lives and works in Fife, Scotland.

Moyra takes her main inspiration from the non-conformity of shapes found in the natural world, in recent years she has become fascinated with Lewisian Gneiss, estimated to be the oldest rock type in Britain at a staggering three billion years old.

Stating that the process of Naked Raku firing is somewhat temperamental, Moyra believes that control and skill alone will not necessarily guarantee a successful result. With patience, diligence and and attention, some work will make it through the flames unscathed and be transformed into objects that seem almost to have sprung effortlessly to life.

Click here to watch a video of Moyra at work.