Patricia Sadler

About Patricia

Patricia was born and raised in Selkirk and taught at High School by artist John McNairn, who inspired in her a love of landscape painting. She went on to study at Edinburgh College of Art and later at Queen Margaret College. She currently lives in Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders where she works from her home studio.

With her roots firmly in the Borders, Patricia feels incredibly passionate about her surrounding landscape of patchwork fields, dark woodlands and the River Tweed twisting and turning throughout. All these things, along with the dramatic headland of St. Abbs and the coastline stretching from East Lothian to Northumberland, ensure that she has a never-ending wealth of subject matter right on her doorstep.

Paintings begin with a walk or a cycle, after which Patricia returns to her studio and starts work. She allows the memories of the landscape to flow through her, on to the canvas, gathering momentum and eventually allowing intuition and imagination to take over. Patricia paints in a free and fluid style using watercolour, acrylic and other mixed media, continually building layer upon layer. The intention is that the finished piece will lead the mind beyond what the eye perceives.