Paul Kennedy

About Paul

Glasgow based Paul’s artistic abilities were evident from a young age; at twelve years old he won the competition to design the poster for the 1994 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He went on to study at Edinburgh College of Art and in the years since graduating has built a strong following and earned accolades including the RGI David Cargill Award in 2010 and The President’s Award at the Glasgow Art Club Winter Show in 2016.

Much of Paul’s work is inspired by his travels around Scotland and Europe. Depicting a narrative between people and their surroundings, his paintings are strongly connected to his own experiences but also the lives of strangers he encounters on a daily basis.

Working in oils, Paul documents his travels with photography and often uses these as a starting point for his work. Distilling complex forms into vibrant layers, his work takes on an almost graphic quality, dispensing with extraneous detail to allow his mastery of natural light and shade to take centre stage.