Peter King

About Peter

Glasgow born Peter studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art before embarking on a career in teaching for over thirty years. He retired in 2010 to focus on painting full time and has since exhibited regularly at the Royal Scottish Academy, The Royal Glasgow Institute and Thompson’s Galleries in London.

The weathered landscape of The Scottish Borders, Kintyre, The Clyde Valley and the vast panorama of land and sky dominated by Tinto Hill are a constant source of ideas and inspiration for Peter. He has developed his painting style with a broad range of motifs which he constantly returns to and reinterprets, focusing on aspects of changing light and colour.

Peter uses the unique qualities of oil paint to capture and accentuate the seasonal effects of nature on the environment. The vibrancy and tactile nature of the medium ensure that his style of textured mark making evokes as much wonder and awe as the landscapes themselves.