Sheila Anderson Hardy

About Sheila

Born in Galloway, Sheila studied at Glasgow School of Art and she has been capturing the beauty of the natural world ever since. 

Now living in the Borders, Sheila’s surroundings provide her with inspiration on a daily basis. The changing of the seasons, natural formations, the light and the memories they evoke fill her with a constant sense of protective appreciation for the countryside and the endless array of fascinating and fragile microcosms within it.

A mixed media painter, Sheila is as at home creating minimal Sumi-e ink illustrations as she is creating vibrant watercolour scenes. For her works on canvas she builds up thin layers of oils, blending and spattering the paint before applying delicate mark-making techniques to add texture and emphasise areas of interest. The final compositions fill the viewer with wonder and encourage them to stop and appreciate the overlooked flora and fauna which thrive by our roadsides and field margins, highlighting the important role they play in the greater eco-system around them.