Sheila Fowler

About Sheila

 Sheila Fowler’s paintings are full of texture, colour and pattern. She is inspired by the landscape around her; the distant view of coastline or cottages, or the patterns in the clouds. The wonderful colours of wildflowers are also a source of inspiration for Sheila, and she often takes lots of photographs and then works on the painting back in the studio. As she works on each painting she tries to capture the essence of the scene, and the feeling of having been there. 

 Sheila loves everything about being an artist, from the materials – the paint, canvases, brushes, smells of the studio – to the atmosphere and the ability to disappear into her own creative space. She chooses to paint with oils because their slow drying nature allow her to move and blend the paint, creating texture. It is also easy to mix the perfect hue and then apply it in an impasto style.  

Painting for Sheila is a happy mixture of pure joy and sheer hard work. She loves the feeling that others have connected with her and the knowledge that particular paintings have found happy homes.