Simon Griffiths

About Simon

Born and raised in County Durham, Simon is a largely self taught artist who, after working as a tradesman embarked on a successful second career as a sculptor. Simon states that when his wife was training to become a ceramics teacher he acquired some of her left over clay and realised, that not only did he enjoy the process of making, he was also rather good at it.

The natural world has been a lifelong source of inspiration for Simon and he has always made a habit of going on long walks in the countryside, gathering photographs and preliminary sketches that will form the basis for his sculptural work.

Simon’s work is built entirely by hand, using wooden armatures for support which are then removed and the pieces hollowed out to reduce the risk of shattering during the firing process, after the initial firing, he then treats the pieces with a variety of slips and oxides, re-firing each until it produces the desired result. Simon’s work is also cast in bronze by his wife, Heather and her Father, John David under the Goldcrest Arts banner.