Thomas Petit

About Thomas

During a childhood visit to watch glassblowing at Dartington Crystal Factory, Thomas was mesmerised by the process and from that moment on he pursued a career as an artist in this medium. While working in various jobs in the UK and New Zealand he decided, in 2016, to dedicate himself fully to his glass business. He currently lives and works in the Peak District, Derbyshire.

Thomas draws upon many influences in the creation of his glassware, from other works of art that inspire him to photography taken on walks in and around a variety of landscapes and coastlines.

When Thomas sets out to design a new collection he often has a set of colour combinations in mind and will attempt to visualise a methodology for how to achieve this accurately using a particular technique or approach. In glasswork, however, the path to a finished piece is rarely predictable so there is a great deal of experimentation involved, with happy accidents often sparking off the best ideas which can, in turn, produce the best results.