Tim Cockburn

About Tim

Originally from Sheffield, Tim studied at Edinburgh College of Art and after graduating traveled and worked in Tuscany, India and Sri Lanka before returning to Edinburgh where he taught Printmaking at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, serving as Chairman of its Council for four years in the early nineties. 

Working from his home studio in Pittenweem, Fife, Tim’s inspiration comes from his observation of people and how they interact with one another. Best known for his country dancing scenes filled with mirth and merriment, he has a unique way of tapping into the vulnerabilities of his characters, utilising a wry sense of humour to highlight their foibles as well as their virtues.

Always starting with drawing, Tim will often collect ideas in his sketchbook before fleshing these out on canvas. Working in oil, he has the unique ability to maintain the loose energy of his sketches, bringing these scenes to life in a warm, bright palette. Playfully nostalgic, Tim’s uplifting vignettes feel like a small glimpse into a larger, uplifting narrative that never fail to raise a smile.