Tony Allain

About Tony

Born and raised in the Channel Islands but currently based in Scotland, Tony is a self taught artist who has been painting professionally for over forty years. A winner of numerous awards at home and abroad, he is a member of multiple international societies including the Pastel Society UK and the Master Circle of the International Association of the Pastel Society.

Tony states that his passion will always be for landscapes and a desire to share his vision of how he sees the world is his main reason for becoming an artist. Early morning and late afternoon are his favoured times to allow the light to embrace a scene and reveal the full range of colours within it.

Using carefully selected pastels, Tony’s aim is to capture the essence of a time and place through the freedom of his mark making. The joy of this medium for him is in its immediacy, with no need to mix colours on a palette or wait for certain areas to dry, he works on his surfaces with an intuitive speed and confidence. The resulting compositions have a robust, awe inspiring quality that never fail to capture the viewers attention.