Our annual Scott Naismith solo show opens on Saturday the 21st of May. Entitled Awe, this is our largest exhibition of Scott’s work to date, with thirty four new paintings on show, including a number of large scale pieces.



For over 20 years the rugged coastlines and dramatic skies of Scotland have been the inspiration for Scott’s paintings. For this, his latest body of work he decided to reflect on what exactly has sustained this interest. And one word came to mind: “Awe”.



The concept of awe seems to be a profound spiritual impulse invoking feelings of both grand appreciation and an element of fear or apprehension. It is the intimidating nature of the expanse which separates awe from the mere beauty of a landscape. Awe can invoke an instinct to imitate; some landscapes and vistas make us draw in a deep breath. In the production of this latest series of paintings Scott attempts to imitate the sublime, to outwardly project through painting, this deep intake of breath.



We hope you will join us in the gallery for a Private View on Friday the 20th of May, between 6.00 and 8.30pm to meet Scott and enjoy this incredible collection of paintings. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition and it can be viewed below. Please note that all paintings can be reserved or purchased ahead of the opening and do get in touch if you would like to make any enquiries or request further images. We ask that decisions on reserves are made by 12 noon on Friday the 20th of May.