A Stephen Mangan solo exhibition is a rare event and a first in Edinburgh since 2010. This exhibition,entitled Still Life, spans all of Stephen’s iconic subject matter – beach promenades, the racecourse, the theatre, tenements, harbours and figures – and it will captivate collectors of Stephen’s work and inspire those encountering it for the first time.

What we find in Stephen’s work is more than a strong style. Stephen creates another world through his paintings, one which is at once familiar and otherworldly. Through his carefully planned out compositions and his slow, meticulous approach to painting, he creates a world with arresting presence and stillness. Whilst each painting is compelling on its own, when presented together the strength of Stephen’s vision is even more apparent.

Stillness is palpable in Stephen’s harbour paintings, which are devoid of people and feature calm waters, the occasional lit window in a lighthouse acting as the only suggestion of human habitation. What is perhaps even more fascinating is the way that Stephen creates a sense of still and quiet contemplation even in his paintings of busy beaches, theatres and train stations. These are paintings populated by many people yet each person seems to inhabit their very own world.

Stephen’s paintings invite us to be still, to stop and look, and we hope that you enjoy the exhibition as a whole as much as the individual works. The exhibition runs from the 5th – 20th March and there will be a Private View and Meet the Artist event on Friday 4th of March. Numbers are limited and please contact us for details. In the meantime, you can view the exhibition catalogue here.