Lasting Impressions opens on Saturday the 7th of August, with a private view and meet the artist event on Friday the 6th of August. Jack Morrocco is one of Scotland’s most accomplished and collectable artists and this much awaited solo solo exhibition will feature over 40 paintings, spanning all of Jack’s painting styles and subject matter. A Jack Morrocco solo show is about as good as it gets and these are paintings that awaken the senses, and will resonate long after the show closes.



A year in the making, the exhibition has been planned so that each part of gallery will focus on different subject matter; visitors can marvel at Jack’s exquisitely painted traditional still life and his contemporary studio paintings, before moving into a world of waterlilies and reflections on water, with breathtakingly large paintings of lilyponds in different seasons and times of day. In the final part of the gallery the focus will be on Jack’s travels to France and Italy; evocative paintings of the weekly markets and dappled light of Uzes, and the quiet morning coffee enjoyed outside a cafe in Lucca. 



Jack’s work might most accurately be described as impressionist, in that he is always striving to portray an impression of something seen, whether an effect of light, shade or form, or perhaps more obliquely a sensation or feeling of place. It is difficult to know why some sensations stay with people consciously and subconsciously; why hearing a piece of music can immediately transport someone to the place they first heard it or why looking at a particular painting painting always evokes the same feelings and memories. There is something in all our senses that creates and stores a lasting impression, an essence that can be recalled and which evokes the original sensation once more.



Jack’s ability to reach across many genres comes not only from years of skilled visual observation but also an openness to be moved by the atmosphere or essence of his subject; to feel and sense that which the eye cannot see but which is so unequivocally of that thing or place. With this willingness to be led by his subject, Jack creates the feeling of ‘being there’ on the canvas, whether he is in the studio with reflective silverware and lilies or sitting in the hazy warmth of Provence watching the light dapple over the square.

We are delighted that Jack will join us in the gallery for a private view on Friday the 6th of August from 5-8pm. This event is now fully booked but please do email Eileadh if you would like to be added to the waiting list.