Land, Sea, Trees. This started as a working title for the exhibition but months later, and we still have it. As you might be able to guess, this is an exhibition of landscapes, seascapes and treescapes, featuring ten artists whose approach to their Scottish subject matter varies but is woven together by a deep appreciation of the natural environment around them and a wish to share it with others. The exhibition runs from September the 11th – 26th.



The ten artists featured in this exhibition are Beth Robertson Fiddes, Kenris MacLeod, Carina Prigmore, Rosanne Barr, Louis Sinclair McNally, Gordon Wilson, Catriona MacEachen, David Schofield and Nicola Wakeling. Beth Robertson Fiddes returns to the gallery with a large group of dramatic and atmospheric paintings, of crashing waves and rock pools, contrasting with Carina Prigmore’s quiet and tranquil paintings of the mountains and rivers that surround her in the Cairngorm National Park. Quite unlike anything else are Kenris MacLeod’s tree pieces; her medium is freehand machine embroidery and she creates the most intricate and beautiful treescapes that place the viewer right in amongst the tall birches reaching up towards a blue sky.



For landscape artists, studying and immersing themselves in the natural world around them is always part of the process of painting it; they develop an almost heightened sense of place, noticing every small change in light and atmosphere. This last year has seen us spend more time locally, and many of us have felt a renewed sense of appreciation for Scotland and its landscape. We hope that you enjoy this exhibition, and share in celebrating the great many seas, lochs, mountains, trees, bogs, and rocks depicted!


There will be a virtual preview and 3D exhibition tour at 6pm on Friday the 10th. Please sign up to our mailing list here