This is a beautiful, colourful and uplifting exhibition featuring Jack Morrocco, Hugo Grenville, Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW, Alison McWhirter, Blythe Scott and Peter King. 2020 has been an unusual year and as the nights draw in and we look towards winter it feels like a good time to escape into the world of painting. In this exhibition we travel with Jack Morrocco and Jennifer Irvine to warmer climes and dappled light; with Hugo Grenville we enter a dream like world of pattern and colour; Peter King and Alison McWhirter delight us with the sheer tactile qualities and possibilities of paint and Blythe Scott’s mesmerising city and dreamscapes allow us to escape into a world of shimmering surfaces, harmonious colour and textural intrigue!

We are delighted to welcome Jack Morrocco to Morningside Gallery with a group of eight new paintings. Jack is one of Scotland’s most accomplished and collectable artists. This body of work will include his lily pond paintings, along with still life studies and his much coveted paintings of France and Italy. An artist truly led by his subject matter, Jack’s style changes across each of these subjects as he works to bring the quality of ‘being there’ to his viewers, whether he is in his studio with lilies and silverware or sitting in the hazy warmth of Provence watching the light dapple over the pavements. All of Jack’s paintings have a timeless quality about them; they are of places, objects and people but the real subject is light and its reflections, a subject which is by its very nature timeless, quietly uplifting and enduring.

Hugo Grenville is one of Britain’s foremost romantic painters and he regularly enjoys sell out shows in London and New York. Some of you will remember our shows with him many years ago and we are very happy to welcome him back with a group of five figurative and flower paintings. Hugo’s paintings are a celebration of pattern and colour and indeed life itself. Joyous and dreamlike, they are a reminder of the transformative power of light and colour.

Scottish artist Alison McWhirter joins us this Autumn with a group of five flower paintings. Often described as a ‘new Scottish colourist’, Alison’s flower compositions are instinctive and spontaneous, characterised by her vibrant use of colour and her bold brush and palette knife work. Alison exhibits widely, in Scotland, London and at art fairs internationally.

Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW is a Scottish artist and regular exhibitor here at Morningside Gallery and she is busy completing ten paintings for this show. Inspired by her trips to France, Spain and Italy, Jennifer’s interest is in depicting the nuances of light and shade. She draws on the way sunlight interacts with its surroundings, considering how it falls on the ornate facade of a building in Provence and the way it reflects on the sparkling surface of a Venetian waterway. While some of these places remain temporarily out of reach, we will happily travel there through Jennifer’s paintings!

Blythe Scott is a Scottish artist now based in Canada. Blythe seeks to create a positive and optimistic view of the world through paintings that combine harmonious colour, textural interest and often a whimsical or dream like atmosphere. Her love of texture runs through all of her paintings and for Blythe there is pure pleasure in watching the life of the surface and the way surface texture interacts with the light. Now that we live in a world of flat digital images, this expression of texture can feel even more special.

And last but by no means least is Scottish artist Peter King. We exhibited Peter’s work for the first time earlier this year and we sold each painting. Part of the appeal of Peter’s paintings is of course the subject matter – vases of beautiful flowers and Scottish mountains and coastlines – but there is something equally if not more arresting about the tactile quality of the paint itself and the way Peter makes his marks glide, slide, start and stop at various points across the canvas.

Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to join our mailing list and/or receive a catalogue for this exhibition. We will have a private view on Friday the 30th from 5pm – 10pm, by appointment, and with very small numbers of course! The gallery will be open as usual outside of this time. Please note that paintings are subject to pre-sale so if you see something that you would like to purchase please do get in touch ahead of the opening.

We are only a fifteen minute bus or car journey from Edinburgh City Centre and we are always happy to advise on parking if required!

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