Blythe Scott

About Blythe

Blythe Scott is a Scottish artist now based in Canada. The daughter of artists Blythe graduated from Glasgow School  of Art in 1991. She went on to study Design Management (also in Glasgow) and then on to a PGCE in Art and Design Education. Blythe has been exhibiting regularly in Scotland and the UK since she graduated and more recently in Canada and the US. Throughout this time she has also taught Art and Design to adults and children, both in Scotland and in Canada. 

Blythe is a mixed media artist with a firm grounding in and appreciation of the importance of drawing. Much of her drawing is created through the laying down of texture pastes, stucco, sand or collage to create a strong composition, along with textural intrigue. Blythe is drawn to creating contrast, both in her colour choices and in her use of different textures - she enjoys creating crumbled sandy textures next to high gloss palette knife work or highlights of distressed metal leaf. Each painting is a unique creation, combining both modern and traditional techniques. 

Blythe’s starting point is always reality but her paintings finish up as a combination of fact and fiction; her Edinburgh cityscapes afford viewers an opportunity for both recognition and dreaming. Blythe seeks to create a positive and optimistic view of the world through paintings that combine harmonious colour, textural interest and often a whimsical or dream like atmosphere. Her love of texture runs through all of her paintings and for Blythe there is pure pleasure in watching the life of the surface and the way surface texture interacts with the light. Now that we live in a world of flat digital images, this expression of texture can feel even more special.