Carina Prigmore

About Carina

Born in Sweden, Carina moved to the UK to study art and design at the University of Wales. Moving to Scotland in 2001, she went on to study Conservation Biology at the University of Aberdeen. She currently lives and works in Carrbridge in the Cairngorms National Park.

Taking her visual cues from the rugged Scottish landscape, Carina’s surroundings provide endless inspiration for her work. An avid rambler, she bases her work on the memory or feeling of a particular place in time, allowing her to imbue familiar places with a uniquely Scandinavian sensibility.

Working in layers of acrylics, Carina uses a muted palette to depict the misty, Scottish landscapes. Although her compositions have a chilly visual atmosphere, they also have an undeniable warmth in their affectionate depiction of locations that are filled with a sense of subdued majesty.