Georgie Young

About Georgie

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Georgie spent many years living, teaching and painting in Ayrshire. She now divides her time between Edinburgh and Pittenweem, Fife. 

Georgie’s work aims to capture a sense of place, evoking the feelings and atmosphere associated with a particular location rather than reproduce a direct likeness. Her work focuses on the unexpected details of a place and the ways in which human interaction has shaped the natural environment. She describes the process of making a painting as like the evolution of a landscape, with layers built up, scratched into, worked on top of, and then stripped away, erased, and then built on again, always revealing traces of the former surface. 

Always beginning with drawing, Georgie’s paintings are a product of observation, interpretation and improvisation. She works primarily in acrylic using a bold palette and building layer upon rich, textural layer, working into each one with a variety of tools. Working in this way allows Georgie to fully explore the interplay of light, time, weather and season on the everyday landscape, inviting the viewer to appreciate the unexpected beauty of unremarked places.