Hazel Cashmore

About Hazel

Born in Coventry, Hazel studied at the Mid Warwickshire and Coventry Art Colleges before moving to Caithness in the late seventies where she began painting and exhibiting her art across Scotland. She currently resides in the Scottish Borders.

Painting has been something of a lifelong journey for Hazel, as she constantly searches for the spirit of a place. Her interest is in conveying a sense of scale and life in her landscapes, depicting the living forces of land, sky and sea to invoke responses that are both personal and universal. 

In order to depict these dramatic scenes with a sense of emotional urgency, Hazel chooses to work with Acrylics. This quick drying, yet robust medium provides a level of freedom and fluidity allowing her to make direct and immediate marks upon multiple layers of gestural brushstrokes. The palette of rich, earthy hues punctuated by bursts of vibrant colour aid her in conveying something that is vast and unknowable, yet breathtaking.