Lynn Rodgie

About Lynn

Born in Glasgow in the late Sixties, Lynn studied at Gray’s School of Art and went on to find success as a graphic artist and illustrator before deciding to focus on her career as a fine art painter. She currently lives and works in the picturesque town of St Boswells. 

Lynn’s takes her inspiration from a variety of sources, from the soft, rolling hills of the Borders to the ornate nooks and crannies of Edinburgh city, and her style is well suited to vibrant, expressive scenes, bursting with life and colour.

Working mainly from photographic reference, Lynn paints in thick layers of oils with palette knives and brushes, blocking in shapes and accentuating the patterns and colours within each composition. The tactile surfaces of her canvases accentuate the interplay of light and shadow in her work, drawing the viewer into landscapes and cityscapes dense with luminosity and life.