Rose Strang

About Rose

With a background in Museum and Gallery curation, Rose has worked on a variety of  public art projects over the years as both a curator and lead artist. In recent years she has focused on her own artistic projects and continues to live and work in and around Scotland.

Rose’s interest as a painter is in communicating an atmospheric, visceral response to the landscape. Her interest in locations is not solely limited to observation as Rose expands her interest into researching the environment, history and geology of a particular place in order to fully understand the forces which have shaped its allure.

Using a variety of media, Rose will often paint on location, braving the elements in order to forge a greater connection with the landscape. This connection can also be found directly in her working methods which include preparing her surfaces by submerging them in the sea ensuring that this unique bond between artist and location is one that can also be passed on to viewers of her work.